Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Zero!

Happy 17th birthday to our favorite stripey cat, Zero!
In honor of her special day, we planted more catnip for her to harvest this summer.
She's obviously upset that we have taken this long to re-plant...

Squeaker came in for a nibble.

"Get out of my crop you little whippersnapper!"

"Ahhh, fresh nip..."

There's nothing better than a little nip in the sun.
She may be old, and getting senile, and a little blind, but she still enjoys the finer things in life: squawking up & down the halls at night, pooping on the floor, puking on the countertop, sleeping on the heat registers... We'll tolerate her for a few more years  :)


  1. "She may be old and getting senile..." reminded me of myself...thankfully not so much when I finished the sentence :). So...she went to Zero to 17 in how many seconds? HB to the old girl!

  2. Happy birthday, Zero!! We love our old, mouthy kitty girls!