Thursday, May 16, 2013

Stout's Terrier Trial Tribulations

He looks kind of sad there, doesn't he? With his one lonely Terrier ribbon...
Don't be fooled - Stout had a great time at the trial!  While he didn't compete in near the events that Porter did (I'm pretty sure he's not fitting in those go-to-ground tunnels!), he did do his fair share.
He did lure coursing, where he placed 5th:

I tried to film & run him at the same time... Sorry if it makes anyone sick!

We also did the barn hunt, but I'm not sure Stout ever alerted to which tube the rats were in. He was mostly interested in sniffing the hay where everyone else had peed...

And Stout did not have the fast reaction time of Porter when it came to the weenie bob  :)  I think he was at 4 seconds or something.

Stout tried to shove his ribbon down Porter's throat. A little sibling rivalry maybe?


  1. Was the lure coursing just a demo or is that what it looks like in a trial with the fencing up?

    1. It was just a demo/fun thing, not the AKC Coursing Ability Test thing. I don't think they do any fencing for those.

  2. That looks really fun! I've been afraid to try lure coursing since a sighthound person told me that he's known of dogs who get tangled in the lines and can lose their legs. But it looks like they had a BLAST!

  3. It looks like he had a blast! Dogs just wanna have fun!