Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Love For Pets In Costume

So along with the old 4-H photos I dug up over the weekend, I also uncovered a few other interesting snapshots...
Obviously my hobby of making costumes for my pets started early  :)
My bunny won the costume contest

Puppy Scratch fit perfectly into doll costumes!

I believe my grandma helped me sew this costume for Scratch

Don't all dogs wear sweat suits when sledding?

My mom had the hotdog costume idea long before it became trendy...
If I remember correctly, she glued pieces of foam together, then carved it into shape with an electric knife.
While this is not me, nor my costume idea, it was my corgi  :)
And perhaps it shows there is a genetic component to my pet costume love?

Kirby in his Christmas candy canes

Another Kirby costume

So now do you see how I progressed to these costumes?  :)

I've already been thinking up costumes for this Halloween...


  1. There is nothing sadder than a corgi in costume. Just ask Weaslie ;-). LOVE the skunk :-D.

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