Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tidbits from the Terrier Trial

Gotta love the Terrier Trial  :)
Once again, it was a muddy, dreary, loud, muddy, bark-filled, long, muddy event. But I still go back every year :)
Did I mention the barking?
Porter barks from 9am until the events end at about 6pm.
Constant barking. Just like the terriers.
Porter started the day with the Go-To-Ground competition. This is where the terriers crawl through the "tunnels" to find the rats.
Trying to eat the rat through the cage
3 or 4 years ago at our first Terrier Trial, I entered Porter in this on a whim. I really didn't think he'd fit through the tunnels, but I knew he loved to dig rodents up in the park. Well, not only did he fit through the tunnels, but he worked his way up from a beginner to the championship level in 1 day. He even placed over many of the terriers! The next year they made a separate division for "miscellaneous breeds."  :)  I don't think they took too kindly to him beating them!

The judge is a daschund owner. Until recently.
Now he has a cardigan. I like to think Porter had something to do with that!

This year Porter placed 2nd in the Miscellaneous division. He was beaten by a Miniature Pinscher  :(

Here is a video of the Go-To-Ground:

Is that a look of sheer joy on his face or what?
I just love when he pops out of the box!
Up next we had the Barn Hunt.
The Barn Hunt actually relies on your skills as well as the dog's. Not only does your dog have to find the tube with rats, but you have to know that he has found it  :)  I usually don't know that. But this year I got it right! Or maybe Porter decided to make it really obvious for me by shoving the rat tube with his nose...
Porter placed 4th out of 13 Miscellaneous breeds.

I have to turn my back while they mix the tubes around. Porter watched  :)
And here is the video:

Porter also placed 2nd in his Lure Coursing division - unfortunately I do not have video  :( 
And the biggest shock of all - he was not the Weenie Bob Champion this year  :( 
He placed 3rd.  It was a conspiracy, I tell you!  He held on to the first place spot throughout the entire competition... until the very end. A schipperke named Luci Fur (love that!) beat him by a tenth of a second. I was ok with that.
But then, a terrier beat him on it's 2nd try. Yes, that dog got 2 tries! Apparently the stopwatch malfunctioned the first time... I was heartbroken. Porter didn't know the difference, he just enjoyed the remainder of the hot dogs  :)

Up next: Stout's Terrier Trial tribulations  :)

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