Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Derby Day Dog Racing

Saturday morning, before the Derby, I had to monitor the agility practice field. I also had to dog-sit the Stump Kids as both their parents were working the Derby.

So I loaded up the whole gang plenty early so they would have time to run & play before students started showing up.

Stout & Mesa ended up playing their own version of the Kentucky Derby...

Stout: *poke* *poke* "Wanna race, Mesa?"

Mesa: "No thank you."
Stout: "Come on! You know you want to!"

Mesa: "I said NO! Leave me alone! I'm outta here."

Stout: "Fine. I'll just hump you then."

Apparently that was what she needed to hear...  And they're off!

After the race, they settled down to rest for awhile.


Dally and Porter skipped the racing and went straight to resting.

And a little bit of napping.

Then it was time to lock up the hooligans so we could start agility.

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